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April 9, 2017. 10:30pm

As you can see (or haven’t seen because no one probably checks this unless I promote it) I skipped a post again this week.

See, I’ve found it difficult to write about anything these current days. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Honestly, it’s quite the opposite. I have so much to say, but yet there is so much that I’m just not at liberty to discuss.

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Building Lives While Building Love; When Parenting Meets Dating.

If I told you all the full story of how Mr. Right and I came to be a couple, you probably wouldn’t believe me. It’s so intricate; so many twists and turns. So many details go into the story that it almost seems cinematic. But it’s true; we ended up as a couple. Just yesterday we celebrated a year anniversary. And in honor of that, I thought I’d share a little bit of my experience juggling a new relationship with parenting for the first time.

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When I was younger, one of my favorite expressions was “an organized mess”. Even as a child, I found complexity both intriguing, and (in it’s own unique way) beautiful. I longed to be deeper than those around me, strove to be something that someone had to “figure out”. I wanted to be abstruse, to be a puzzle that someone wanted to solve.

And so became my fascination with organized messes. My room was one, my car was one, my life was one. I convinced myself the boys I met were one, and that with the right sense of wit and dedication, I could unravel them and find what was underneath.

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